Our Direction

Engineering today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Representing Excellence in Engineering since inception, Minconsult Sdn Bhd has grown nationally and internationally since 1962. The continuing and extensive development of expertise, innovation and quality project delivery, enables and fortifies our stature as a leading international and multi-disciplinary consultancy practice. Minconsult continues to engineer excellence and practice engineering excellence.


Engineering Excellence


Develop and improve quality engineering consultancy services

Provide engineering solutions to meet best practice social, economic and environmental objectives

Emphasize excellent, quality, efficient and productive engineering services


Minconsult aims for excellence in professional deliverables including in: planning, feasibility studies, and design and project management. Minconsult aims to be a leader in the implementation of environmental regulation compliance in all company operations, and to ensure optimal community environmental enhancement in line with government and global policy.

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❝ From award-winning green cultural venues to the nation’s infrastructure, power ,and transportation backbone, we embrace each challenge, each project with equal passion. We engineer today for your tomorrow.❞

Minconsult Overview

❝ Although Malaysia is well-known and a great national brand –  in a lot of the markets we penetrate, engineering consultants are not known. This can be a challenge as we need to establish ourselves, but also an opportunity as we have a fresh page to write a chapter.❞

Asean's Growth Story

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Minconsult Sdn Bhd

Minconsult Sdn Bhd