Kajang Municipal Council's Local Plan, Selangor 2035 (Replacement)


PLANMalaysia (JPBD Malaysia)

Project Completion


Brief Project Description

Preparation of Kajang Local Plan 2035 (Replacement) to replace the existing Kajang Local Plan 2020 (Ammendment 4)

Services Provided

Preparation of local plan for Kajang Municipal

Key Significance of the Project

To produce a planning document that translates the development strategies and policies that has been determined in the State Structure Plan in the form of:

Written statement supported by plans.

  1. Development proposal
  2. Proposal plan (planning block / index map)
  3. Subject and detail plan
  4. Use Class Order Table
  5. Detail Guideline

Supporting documents

  1. Management and implementation
  2. Sustainability assessment.

Planning Division's Portfolio

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