Employer of Choice


Minconsult has a long history of investing in employee development and satisfaction. We recognise that the holistic development of an individual will reflect on team and community success.   We aim to help the individuals realise and surpass their professional expectations and abilities.

Our team is the backbone of our company.  We grow together.


As Minconsult continues to face new challenges, expanding new technologies and new frontiers, we continue to recognise that our team defines our legacy and future.


Minconsult’s Internship Program is designed to enable Engineering undergraduates pursue their bachelor’s degree by gaining real-life work experience as a foundation for their professional career. Our internships are hands-on into the workings aligned to Minconsult’s standards.


Minconsult’s  Mentoring Programme assists to familiarise new staff with our culture and environment.  Mentors  provide personalised guidance and advice to Mentees, to facilitate integration into the company dynamics to optimise personal and professional satisfaction.

The Mentoring Programme complements  Minconsult’s commitment to being  the Employer of Choice, and includes:

  • Opportunities programme for undergraduates.
  • Equal opportunity in the workplace.
  • Diverse local and global project portfolio.
  • Comprehensive in-house and external training programmes.
  • Incentives for writing technical papers.
  • Access to Minconsult’s library, one of the best technical engineering libraries in South East Asia.
  • In-house sports facilities and gym.
  • Recreational activities such as Annual Dinners, Muhibbah Dinners, Sports Activities and Family Days.


The Mobility Program provides the employee with an opportunity to be transferred to another division for a period of time. This will equip them with a wider range of skills, abilities and provide more rounded range of technical skills. The staff will also be able to experience and enjoy a different divisional culture and work outlook.


Minconsult encourages all staff to continuously upskill and keep abreast of current trends and knowledge. Senior management lead by example by attending training and seminars and all staff are encouraged to do so. Staff who enhance their qualification are rewarded.

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