Pioneering Spirit

Since 1962, Minconsult has been a pioneering firm, defining achievement to include novel projects, creative progress and nation building.


Minconsult’s Corporate Firsts:

  • Malaysian engineering consultancy to go overseas.
  • Malaysian engineering consultancy to be awarded major international consultancies by International Funding Agencies.
  • Malaysian engineering consultancy to implement an Integrity Policy in collaboration with Transparency International.

Minconsult’s Pioneering Projects:

Minconsult has served on many key projects that have increased economy and furthered technology:

  • The World’s First 9HA.O2 Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Plant (Pasir Gudang Track 4A Power Plant)​ 
  • The First Automated Mail Processing Centre in Malaysia (POS Malaysia)​ 
  • The First High-Speed Tray Baggage Handling System in the Nation (KLIA)​ 
  • The First Fully Mechanized Solid Waste Transfer Station in Malaysia (Taman Beringin Solid Waste Transfer Station)​ 
  • The First Large Breakwater in Malaysia (Kerteh Port)​ 
  • The First Man-Made Wetlands in Malaysia (Putrajaya Wetlands)​ 
  • The First Independent Power Utility in Malaysia (Kulim Hi-Tech Park)​ 
  • The First Underwater Transmission Sea Link in Malaysia (Labuan)​ 
  • The First Major Road Tunnel in Malaysia (Karak Highway)​ 
  • The First Fully Elevated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System in Southeast Asia (Bandar Sunway) 
Minconsult Sdn Bhd

Minconsult Sdn Bhd