130MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, Kulim Hi-Tech Park

The Project Aurora involves:

  • The installation of a 100 to 150 MW CCGT plant and ancillary facilities to be built adjacent to the existing, operating CCGT plant. The new plant will comprise of a single CCGT block. Like the current blocks, the new block is expected to consist of 2 gas turbines (GTs), 2 heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and a steam turbine (ST) with an air-cooled condenser (ACC).
  • The integration of the new block with the existing facility and services; and
  • The expansion of the 132 kV switchyard.

The new block will be located within the boundary of the existing power plant area, located within KHTP. The site is approximately 8.5 km Northeast of Kulim town and 33 km East of Butterworth town. It is adjacent to the existing 220MW CCGT power station.

Various BIM Authoring Tools are involved in the 3D modelling of up to LOD 200 for the Civil, Sub-Structure and Super-Structure for the design drawing issuance

BIM Portfolios

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