LRT 3 - (Bandar Utama - Johan Setia)

The LRT3 Project shall involve construction of a LRT twin track from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia over a length of 38km. The Eastern Route length will be approximately 20km which consist of approximately 17.5km elevated track, 2.5km underground section with bored tunnels and cut & cover structure, thirteen (13) elevated stations, one (1) underground station, four (4) park and ride buildings, bus depots and one (1) LRT depot with control center facilities.

Minconsult was tasked on designing consultancy services and site supervision for the Eastern Route throughout the project lifecycle.

Any design coordination issues were then quickly addressed through the usage of BIM Model during the early stages of design, prior to construction.

LRT3 is delivered up to LOD 300.

BIM Portfolios

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