Kalabakan - Simanggaris Border Crossing Gate

In August 2019, the President of Indonesia announced that Kalimantan, the Indonesia part of Borneo Island to be the site of the country’s new capital city. This will create changes in geopolitical and geoeconomic interests and opportunities for Malaysia to generate local and regional economic development.

Upon that, the Government has agreed to open a new Malaysia (Kalabakan) -­ Indonesia (Simanggaris) border crossing gate near Simanggaris (Batu Sempadan A 708). The proposed 40km route is not limited only to the local people’s connection network. It extends to providing initial infrastructure development and economic generation in Southeast Sabah. The new proposed road also will provide a network of road connections between Indonesia and Malaysia through the Asian Highway Network (more systematically and efficiently) and can further strengthen bilateral diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Indonesia.

The main BIM solutions for this proposal is Autodesk InfraWorks at LOD 200.

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